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on Sunday, 17 February 2013 in Social Interest

    Hey!  Did you ever wonder where you can find out about the many contributions that have been made which make  our lives easier and more enjoyable?  I'll give you three guesses! OK,  I'll give you a hint.  They are in the newspapers that we read. Give up?  They're in the Obituaries.  The names are often unknown, but the people leave behind their contributions for our benefit.  Here are some examples.  How many of these do you know?  Ruth Carter Stevenson;  Paul Fussell; Larry Stevenson; Susan Jeffers; William Rathje; Lawrence Anthony; Lebbeus Woods; David Rakoff; Elwood V. Jensen, Cardiss Collins, Stuart Freeborn, John G. Kerr, and John E. Carlin, Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, and Chalotte Smallwood-Cook.  There are many more.

    Alfred Adler's belief was that we all have a creative potential which needs to be activated and that we have a responsibility to use it to create a better society.  These people did just that; and often are not widely recognized during their lifetime.  You can google them to find out more.    I bet there are also people in your life who are still living who fit into this category. It could be a teacher, a doctor, a coach, a nanny or caretaker, a counselor, a  lawyer or anyone at all in any category.  Think about it.  I would love to hear about your experiences.


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