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on Sunday, 30 December 2012 in Human Interest

    I bet you've wondered about a dream.  What could it mean?  I have been asked about dreams a lot.  But from an Adlerian point of view the only way to explain a dream is to understand the thoughts and ideas of the dreamer.  Yes, I know there are many books on dreams and they even explain the symbols and what they might mean.  However, for all the possible explanations there are many that are not given.  Any idea why? Right. It's because each of us is different and our dreams are what Alfred Adler called the 'night laborabory' of our daytime thoughts.  It's in our dreams that we try out new solutions to present concerns or outcomes that would create a sense of well being, or so many other goals.  How can a book on dreams know our unique thoughts?  If you said, it can't.  You're rght.  From an Adlerian point of view, since each of us is unique,our ideas are unique as well.  Our ideas during the day as well as our ideas during the night are based on our own perceptions and, in terms of dreams,. our symbolism.   While any number of people might use the same symbolism it would, therefore, have a different meaning within each person's dream; and in order to be understood would have to be understood in terms of the individual 's perceptions and experiences.  No book is that perspicatious.  

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