Private Logic vs. Common Sense

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on Sunday, 30 December 2012 in Human Interest

    Have you ever noticed that an idea you had, didn't make sense? That's silly you might even tell yourself.  But nonetheless you continue to hold on to it.  Have you ever wondered why?  Probably not, since most of us don't generally question our beliefs.  You might even say out loud or to yourself,  'That's who I am.'  But it isn't.  It's what you believe.

    These beliefs are often very strong and stand in the face of what is commonly called 'common sense.'   Why are they so strong when they don't hold up against common sense?  The answer is that they are what Alfred Adler termed our' private logic.'They make sense to us but probably not to others. That's because these beliefs were formed at an early age when we tried to make sense of our environment but were limited in our ability to do so because of our biased perceptions and our information and data were so limited  We developed them in order to function in our families of origin in the best way possible; and we continue to hold on to them because it's as if we believe that our family setting is the model for every other interaction that we face in life. Common sense, on the other hand, is a universal phenomenon which can stand the test of time.  You may want to think about this in your own experiences and even share it with us.

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